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Skryim SexLab Animation Framework

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API Function Directory

  • SexLabFramework - Primary functions for performing animation and other utilities. The meat of the available functions.
  • sslThreadModel - Functions for directly manipulating the information and settings of an active or starting animation thread
  • sslThreadController - Functions for directly manipulating an active animation thread
  • sslBaseAnimation - Functions for dealing with or creating an individual animation set
  • sslBaseVoice - Functions for dealing with or creating an individual voice set
  • sslUtility - Global functions intended to make various tasks easier.
  • Animation Tags - A list of searchable default tags on each character animation

SexLab Modding Guides

  • Using Hooks - Custom events triggered by activating within an animation
  • Dealing With Stats - How to interpret the various player SexLab stats, their purpose, and their functions.
  • Using NewThread() - How to use the new system for starting animations that provides more fine tune control over the various options a scene may have, which simply using StartSex() does not provide.


Basic Usage

In order to use the primary functions included with SexLab in your mod, you simply need to include the framework script in your scripts via a property like so:

SexLabFramework property SexLab auto

Once you have compiled your script with the above property, load up SexLab.esm and your mod as the active file in Creation Kit. With your compiled script attached to something within the CreationKit, such as a quest, select the SexLab property from within your scripts properties menu and select the only available option "SexLabSystem" as it's value and Save your mod. Doing this will create a SexLab.esm master dependency for your mod.

With that complete, you will have access from your scripts to use many of functions below through the SexLab variable.

Script Fragment Usage

If you are unfamiliar with setting properties in fragments, you will find the process a little different than simply performing the method above. In addition to making to loading SexLab.esm with your mod in the CreationKit, when adding the property to the fragment you must define the property before you can actually place the property into the fragment's script. Follow the steps below to get the SexLabFramework into your script fragment.

  1. First make sure your SexLabFramework property is not yet set in the script itself, your fragment cannot be blank however, so write a temporary comment in there for now.
  2. Compile the script fragment, no message boxes should display after this, but you should see a new script listed under the scripts box of the open window.
  3. Close the window you are placing the script fragment on and reopen it.
  4. Open the Properties window for the new script and choose "Add Property", if the "Add Property" button is grayed out, you may need to rename the script fragment first, which you can do from it's advanced tab.
  5. In the add property window, for Type, type in "SexLabFramework" for Name enter "SexLab" or whatever it is you wish to call your property, this is the variable name that will be used to access many functions within the framework. Click OK to add the property.
  6. You should now see the property you added in the property window for your script fragment, select it and click "Edit Value" You should then have an option for what to set it as, and only one option, SexLabSystem. With that set, click OK to close the properties window.
  7. You can now use the property within the script fragment via it's name "SexLab" or whatever it is you chose to name it.

Common Compiling Problems

SexLab uses a Mod Configuration Menu from SkyUI for handling it's options, as a result you need to install the SkyUI SDK source scripts in order to compile any script with the SexLabFramework script attached to it. These scripts are not packaged with the regular release of SkyUI, and will need to be downloaded separately and placed into your Skyrim's data folder. You can find the latest source scripts for the SkyUI SDK here: https://github.com/schlangster/skyui/wiki

Another common problem is people installing the Creation Kit after having installed or last updated their copy of Skyrim Script Extender. Installing the CreationKit also various source scripts so you can compile scripts, however these scripts overwrite source files provided by SKSE that provide their added functions. Reinstalling the latest SKSE should resolve this issue. You can find the latest version of SKSE here: http://skse.silverlock.org/

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